How Much Will Your Retirement Cost?

Estimating how much income you will need in retirement — and determining whether your current program of savings and investments can provide that income — is a good start to developing a retirement plan. This calculator is designed to help you estimate how much income you may need in retirement and the savings necessary to produce that income.


Examine these results carefully. As you can see, there is a lot of information to consider and the numbers may look large.

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Your Results
Description Amount
The annual income that you will need in your first year of retirement: $0.00
When you begin retirement, you will need to have the following amount saved: $0.00
Assuming no additional contributions, your current savings will grow to: $0.00
Without additional savings, you will have a shortfall of: $0.00
You will need to save the following percentage of your salary each year: 0%
In the first year, this works out to: $0.00

The Cost of Procrastination

How much do you need to save each year to provide your desired retirement income? This graph shows the amount you would have to save each year to work toward your goal, at the rate of return you entered, if you started saving today, and if you wait five years to start saving. As you can see, waiting just a few years can have a substantial impact on the amount you need to save.

The amount accumulated if you started saving today is $0.00. The amount accumulated if you save the same annual amount at the same annual return, but wait five years to start is $0.00.

The information provided is not specific investment advice, a guarantee of performance, or a recommendation. Rates of return will vary over time, particularly for long–term investments. Investments offering the potential for higher rates of return also involve a higher degree of risk.